Cycling in Kashmir

While our capital city, Srinagar, is too sprawling to be explored on foot, taxis may be thought a trifle 'insulated' for some. Cycling, therefore, remains a popular, not to say inexpensive, way of experiencing the flavour of the city.


The Mountains and Hilly terrain of Kashmir offer ample opportunities for cyclists to test their skills and endure challenging routes and sturdy terrains to be conquered just within a few days that can last from 9 days to 15 days in one biking expedition trip.

Mountain Biking has always been a pleasurable activity for someone who enjoys nature and outdoor activities. Cycling up a mountain or downhill through the scenic countryside of Kashmir on your bicycle is the most thrilling sports. Cycling over gentle slopes or a rugged terrain, mountain biking offers you with the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite ride as you explore the contours of the mighty and breathtaking Himalayan ranges.

An ideal blend of the right aptitude, passion and energy is all it takes to enjoy a mountain biking expedition in the Himalayas that is sure to offer you the thrill of stiff climbs and some of the best downhill runs you can come across in the world. The Himalayan Ranges is definitely the ideal adventure destination for all adventure seekers.

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