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Kashmir is like a multi-faceted diamond placed in the lap of Himalayas, changing its colours with the seasons - always extravagantly beautiful. The natural beauty has been described in terms of emerald pastures, sapphire water and pearly snow valleys. The floor of the valleys is flat with lush patchwork of different shades of green, glinting with waterways that mirror poplars and weeping willows. Mountains are carpeted with Firs and Pine making way for the streams tumbling down with crisp clean water.

You'll always carry 'Memories of Paradise' with you:

Memories of Paradise was inspired by the Beauty of Kashmir and founded on a passion of adventure, curiosity and a heart-felt spirit that dwells deep within each of us which fuels our quest for adventures and thrills treading the road less traveled, to a world just waiting to be explored.

Our philosophy is simple; create memories and have fun doing it. And why not? Paradise on Earth, Kashmir reflects beauty and the thrill to be alive and thrive.

Who are We? What's our Goal!

All of us at Memories of Paradise Tour and Travels are adventurers just like our clients. We don't just sell adventure travel, we live it as well. In fact, it is our goal to personally visit and inspect every destination that we offer, live every risk and thrill of adventure, so you can rest assure that you are in experienced and trusted hands.

Memories of Paradise was started because we absolutely love to adventure travel, to explore new places, and to share this passion with other enthusiasts who desire to be on the forefront of adventure travel.

Our founders started this company after years of traveling in Kashmir feeling the need to setup an Adventure Travel Company. Professionals who bring an average of 30+ years of travel experience, over 12+ years of industry experience and have collectively visited all the tourist destiations and counting. This experience, along with our outstanding customer service and excellent package tours besides the customized tours, have helped propel the company to the forefront of the industry and has been the primary catalyst behind our solid reputation as a valued resource for both travel agents, individuals and group tours.

In short, we love what we do and our excitement and energy is obvious to everyone we provide our services to. So whether you are a first time traveler with us or one of our many returning clients, we welcome you to our family, a family of thousands of travelers with one quest in mind: to explore this amazing and wonderful world of adventure tours.

Our Belief!

We also believe that these great life experiences are best done in a safe and comfortable way. While our adventures are very reasonably priced, we focus on providing excellent quality, locally owned and run, mid-range accommodations whenever they are available. This philosophy of combining exciting adventures with safety and comfort also extends to local transportation, guides and included activities. Simply put, we don't sacrifice your comfort or your safety to save you a few dollars.

At Memories of Paradise Tour and Travels, we also pride ourselves on being innovators in the adventure travel industry. We strive to be unique, to find and create the latest and greatest adventures. Our original, fully guided 'Adventure Gear' tours are the perfect example of this. To our knowledge, we are the first and only company in Jammu & Kashmir to offer affordable, fully guided tours 'Adventure Gear'. And this is just the start.

So if it's innovative, exciting, comfortable and safe adventure travel that you're looking for, then you've found it with 'Memories of Paradise'.

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